Timber Doors form part of a Colour Scheme Inspired By Nature

At Kershaws Doors we are aware that many of our customers are buying doors as part of a wider decoration or refurbishment project. While the doors that we supply typically have a white or Natural Timber finish, some are finished with an on trend neutral grey finish which are ready to fit. Customers sometimes ask about complementary colours to ensure their new doors will fit the scheme they have selected for their rooms. Our unfinished wooden doors can be painted especially the Clear Pine options and unfinished Oak doors with their lovely grain can be stained in a variety of hues.


Moodboard image © Katherine Melançon and shared under CC license

Choosing complementary colours can be difficult and many people end up looking for inspiration online or in interior magazines or in the brochures of furniture and decoration suppliers.

Some of the interior design experts suggest creating a mood-board combining colours and textures to help piece together an attractive decoration plan. I have found this useful and I tend to find images online of attractive furnishings and objects and place these alongside colour swatches from paint companies and samples of wallpaper.

So, where do you start when you don’t know what colours to choose? I read an article recently that suggested that the natural world is a great source of inspiration for finding colours that complement one another. If you think about your favourite flowers you may be inspired by the colours. For example the lavender shade of purple is a perfect complement to the Greyish green shade that you would see on the stem of a sprig of lavender. Alternatively you can consider your favourite landscape scene. Whether it is the pastel shades of pebbles on a beach or the vibrant colours in a summer meadow, you will find that the colours in nature naturally go well together. You can even consider your favourite season and this could inspire an Autumnal combination of oranges, reds and yellows or a Spring inspired mix of bright green, yellow and white.

Whatever colour shades you go for in your home, you can be sure you will find the perfect door within the Kershaws Doors collection to complement your colour scheme. Please note: it is important to follow manufacturers advice when painting unfinished doors.

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Yorkshire – It’s All Going On for businesses in Gods County Yorkshire

Hillside Artwork

TDF (Tour de France) Hillside artwork image © rawdonfox, cropped and shared under CC license

Kershaws Doors is based in West Yorkshire and we are delighted to see that our county seems to be blooming at the moment.

Hosting the first part of the 2014 Tour De France Grand Depart in July was a major boost to the county with many visitors from all over the UK and Europe and beyond. Many of our local businesses and homeowners made the most of the event with welcoming decorations and messages for the riders and spectators. This is not the only sporting event that has raised the profile of Yorkshire recently. During the Commonwealth Games this summer we saw 46 medals won by athletes that were born or trained in Yorkshire, including gold medals for boxing, gymnastics, table tennis and triathlon. In fact, if Yorkshire were treated as a country, the achievement would have made seventh position in the medals table. This follows an impressive performance for Yorkshire during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Along with sport, Yorkshire has contributed significantly to popular music over the years and Leeds Festival was on the television recently featuring headline act Arctic Monkeys, who are originally from Sheffield. This is the Northern partner event of the Reading Festival, which both take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend each year.

Yorkshire people are known for being proud of their county and it is true, amongst the Kershaws Doors team we are a proud bunch and we are pleased to see our local area appearing in the news with a positive message.

One of the stereotypes for Yorkshire people is their friendliness. Our customer service team spend a lot of time speaking to customers about doors and they often comment on how friendly and helpful we are, so in this case we are pleased to fulfil the Yorkshire stereotype.

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Inequality – Access for Disabled People


The access ramp outside our showroom

The access ramp outside our showroom

Blog Action Day is a global event where bloggers throughout the world blog about one important topic on the same day. The topic for 2014 is Inequality and so I have decided to write a post about the issue of access faced by disabled people.

In 2004 the Disability Discrimination Act was updated in the UK with requirements on goods, facilities and service providers to provide access to disabled people. This includes service users, customers and people employed by organisations. The additional requirements mean that many businesses are expected to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ where required to ensure disabled people can access and make full use of their premises. Unfortunately there are still many areas that are overlooked for disabled people and this means they miss out on many of the day to day activities and opportunities we take for granted.

Doors can be a major hurdle for disabled people and there are a few issues to consider related to doors. Using contrasting colours for doors and walls helps visually impaired people distinguish doorways. A common complaint related to standard width doors is that they are too narrow for wheelchair users. This applies to both external and internal doors. Kershaws Doors offer custom made doors so you can specify the width of the door to ensure your premises are compliant with the legislation and more importantly, to allow full access to all people. Another issue related to doors is whether the door opens in or out. This is particularly important in tight spaces such as toilets and wash rooms where a simple adjustment to the fitting of a door to create an outward opening door can allow access to wheelchair users.

According to the Disabled Living Foundation there are more than 10 million disabled people in Britain. This represents a great number of people who should be able to access your business premises. The Disability Discrimination Act is now part of the Equality Act 2010 and if you would like to find out more about your requirements as a business then you can see the full Act on www.legislation.gov.uk. If you have any specific queries about new doors then please contact our customer services team on 0845 467 1910 or email us at help@kershawsdoors.co.uk.

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Find a Good Joiner to fit timber doors

JoineryAt Kershaws Doors we cannot recommend a joiner beyond our local area of West Yorkshire, however we have customers throughout the UK and we know that customers sometimes find it difficult to find a good joiner.

Finding a good joiner or carpenter is like looking for any other Tradesperson and here are a few tips to increase your chances of finding someone you feel confident in.

Often the best place to start is to ask friends and family for a recommendation. A proven positive experience can be the best way to avoid a cowboy joiner.

You can always stick a pin in your local business directory however this is a big gamble.

There is an increasing number of schemes designed to help you find reputable local businesses and independent reviews from past customers. TrustMark is one example, which is backed by the government and the use of this logo shows that the person or company has agreed to a code of practice that covers insurance as well as good customer service. There is a website where you can simply enter your postcode and find a list of traders within your local area.

Rated People is another service recommending tradespeople. This system is slightly different as you enter your requirements and up to three recommended traders contact you to provide a quote for your project. Once the job is done, you return to the website to rate your trader and this feeds into the overall review process. You can always check out the other reviews from previous customers. These are just two examples of websites that can help and there are others.

Once you have chosen a joiner it is a good idea to be clear when specifying your requirements and agree a start and end date in advance. Most good joiners will happily provide references allowing you to speak directly to previous customers. We hope you can find a good joiner to help fit your new doors from Kershaws Doors so they will look their very best when fitted.

Very important: when having timber doors fitted make sure that your joiner understands the construction of the door you have ordered and what the recommended tolerances for any trimming of the door/s has been advised by the supplier. In addition remember that timber doors must be finished with the recommended stains/varnishes before fitting, if a joiner says that this is not necessary then be wary, as your supplier guarantee will not be upheld.

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Good News Internal Pitch Pine Doors now available again from Kershaws!

Pitch Pine Tree

Image © Leonard214 via Wikimedia Commons under CC License

We often receive enquiries about our internal Pitch Pine doors which are one of our best selling door styles we have supplied for many years. Unfortunately over the last year we have had to advise our customers that sadly we could no longer supply Pitch Pine doors, as the sources supplying the timber were not responsibly sourcing Pitch Pine timber.

But now we have great news as we are able to supply these doors again as the Pitch Pine timber used is now available and will come from more environmentally responsible timber suppliers. Pitch pine is a slow growing timber, unlike a lot of Pine species and some availability was reduced due to environmental concerns. The timber used for our Pitch Pine products now has satisfactory accreditation.

The Latin name for pitch pine is Pinus Rigida and other commonly used names include coast pitch pine and long leaf pine. Pitch pine was used extensively in the shipbuilding industry and heavy construction because the wood’s high resin content preserves it from decay. It is classified as moderately durable so it was very suitable for making doors.

We have an attractive selection of these in both Victorian and 1930’s Traditional styles which are always very popular with customers renovating older properties.

Pitch pine is warm yellowish white in colour and features an attractive visible grain similar to Oak. Fans of pitch pine doors typically liked the authentic traditional look of the timber. While they could be painted, most customers will simply stain or coat with a clear varnish to bring out the naturally attractive look of the timber.

The styles of these doors are also available in an Unfinished Oak Collection. We have over 300 Oak internal doors and over 200 Oak external doors displayed on our Door Website. If you are looking at doors on our website, you can always click on the image to zoom in and see more detail to give you a better view of the timber. Obviously due to the nature of timber, the exact appearance will vary from door to door, but you can get a strong impression from the photos on the website. If you do not see the doors you require please give us a call to discuss styles and finishes with our sales team.

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What is Door Breaching?

British police using a Big Red Key to breach a door - image by Zatoichi1564 via Wikipedia

The term Door Breaching is one I have not come across before, but this relates to the use of force or mechanical tools to gain entry to a property. Typically this will be performed by the emergency services. For example, when a paramedic needs to gain access to a home where the owner has fallen and cannot open the door or when police wish to gain entry to a property to search the contents or to avoid alerting the people inside.

Police will often use a battering ram and breach the door through force whereas a paramedic will typically try and avoid excessive damage and find a simpler way in if possible. There are strict rules on when police can use such force and they will not do so without evidence or a genuine reason. If the police did breach your door without such grounds then they would have to pay compensation so that you can arrange repair or replacement for your door.

Where a vulnerable person lives alone and is at risk from health conditions such as a heart attack, stroke or unconsciousness, they may be able to arrange a special vault for a spare key outside their door and they can advise close relatives and friends the security code to gain entry. In addition, they can get a medical alert device, which will alert the emergency services that there is a problem and provide the security code so that the paramedics can easily gain access without any damage to the door.

At Kershaws Doors we sell a variety of internal and external doors and we would hate to think of them being damaged or broken down by brute force. It is reassuring to know that there are options for people at risk that can prevent this from happening and avoid the upset and hassle of having to repair or replace the door.

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Designer Glass in Stunning Designs

Kensington decorative glazed door

Kensington decorative glazed door

We recently went to a lovely wedding in North Yorkshire and the bride and groom included a sweet little poem with the invitation about wedding gifts. The couple have lived together for several years and they have both been married before. The note included this fact and explained to guests that they did not require any household items such as kettles and glasses as they already had all of these kinds of things. The poem stated, in a humorous and artistic way, that if guests wished to provide a gift then they would really appreciate money towards a stained glass window that they wished to purchase for their home.

We included a cheque within the card as did most of the guests and once the couple had returned from their honeymoon two weeks after the wedding, we received a lovely Thank You card, which included another sweet poem. This poem thanked all the guests for joining them on their big day and for every one’s contribution to their beautiful new stained glass window. There was also a photo included in the card showing the pretty window fitted in place at their home in all its glory.

At Kershaws Doors we sell a wide variety of timber doors including a number of glazed doors. Some of these doors feature intricate patterns and we have a selection of decorative glass from geometric shapes to flower designs. Typically there is a premium associated with patterned glass doors because there is extra work involved in manufacturing these doors. If none of the designs we supply match your requirements then you may wish to purchase one of our unglazed doors and we can point you in the direction of glazing experts who are skilled in producing unique custom glazing designs.

If you are unsure what to request as a special present, maybe you could ask for a contribution to a new door. The beauty of this present is that all your contributors would see it when they called at your house so they could see how you spent the money.

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Back to Black in Interior Trends

Black and White Wallpaper

Black and White Wallpaper image © Douglas Stridsberg and used under CC license

Black is constantly in and out of fashion for clothes as well as interiors and many of the interior designers are suggesting that black will form an important part of the next season’s interior design trends.

There are a number of stylish black wallpaper designs that are currently available featuring textured contrast or a little white to break up the strong colour. If like me, you are more used to light coloured walls then papering up in solid black may seem like a dramatic step too far, however feature walls are always an easy way to experiment. Otherwise you could consider choosing a more personal space where you can do something special such as the bedroom. It is widely known that light colours create the appearance of larger spaces so if you are considering this trend, you may need to bear this in mind.

So, what doors would you choose to complement a glamorous black backdrop? I think that white doors or white oak doors would be the obvious choice to lift the dark background. We have a wide range of over 150 different styles of white interior doors alone, so you are sure to find the perfect complement. For example we have a modern design called Broadway which is available as a solid style door or incorporating three glass panels (Broadway Glazed). This is a contemporary style which will stand the test of time as the square detailing is elegant and attractive. This door is available in a wide range of measurements as well as custom sizes so it offers flexibility if required. If you are looking for an arc or curve in your door design then you may like the Pesaro which features ‘V’ Groove detailing to form a modern curved design in the centre. This style is also available in a white primed finish and there is a glazed version to complement the panelled design. Both of these door styles would balance nicely with a modern black wall finish so you can achieve a stylish modern look in line with upcoming trends.

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“To Boldly Go” Door Designs are now trending!

Amongst our wide selection of doors at Kershaws Doors we have a number of traditional styles, a wide range of modern, minimalist designs and we have some distinctive bold patterns that will appeal to anyone that wants to create a noticeable design scheme within their home.

EclipseOrioleOne such design is our Eclipse primed white internal door. This is not your average door design with concentric oval grooves spreading throughout the length of the door. While the design is unusual, the white finish calms the overall look of the door giving this an attractive look. There is a complementary glazed version available which is called the Oriole. In this case, the central oval is made from clear glass highlighting this dramatic design feature.




Sticking with an oval theme, or rounded rectangles to be precise, we have the Arcadian internal door which features five large glazed panels down the centre of the door. This could complement a retro interior or a modern room in need of some additional light. Either way, the clear glass panels are creative and could add an individual touch to your home.





A similarly dramatic design is our Elektra primed white interior door. This features a pleasant sunbeam design with grooves to create the partial rays from the sun. This is another design, which is definitely going to get noticed and the unique appearance will appeal to people that want to make a bold statement in their home.



AguaAgua GlazedWithin our collection of oak interior doors we have a modern design called the Agua, which features a stylish curved groove design. Provided as a pre-finished oak door, this style is available with a large glass panel in the centre or simply as a solid style. Both designs include the unusual and characteristic dark coloured grooves, which would complement other curved features or designs within the home.

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Is it Time For DIY and choosing new doors?

Tape MeasureThere have been some interesting findings lately regarding the amount of time we spend using digital devices and the extensive use of gadgets by teenagers. In and amongst such studies are references to how much time the average person sleeps, sends text messages and watches television. Alarmingly, BBC news reported that on average, people are spending more time with digital devices than they are sleeping.

It seems that things are changing in relation to how people are spending their free time as well. For some time, it has been reported that people are spending less and less time doing DIY. Younger people are less capable of doing DIY tasks and people are increasingly relying on the work of a tradesman rather than do the work themselves.

As a parent of a three year old I often feel there is very little time for work around the house and I like to make the most of family time when we are together. This means I am often more inclined to book the services of a trades person.

At Kershaws Doors we are particularly interested in the facts related to DIY as many of our customers do the finishing and fitting of their doors following their purchase from us. We have noticed an increase in the use of carpenters to help with the adjustment and installation of new doors.

We are proud of our top quality selection of wooden doors and we want to ensure that our doors are finished and fitted properly so we are more than happy to help with any concerns or questions. We have included full details of how to finish and fit doors on our website. We also have a customer services team who are always happy to help if you have any queries about varnishing, painting and fitting your doors.

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Glazed Doors for a Nursery – are they suitable?

Bastille clear glazed

We recently had an enquiry from a customer for a collection of new doors for their nursery facility. During the initial phone call, the customer explained that they had implemented a new policy within the nursery to allow increased visibility of the children. They said that this is partly a health and safety matter and also a practical issue for being able to monitor all the separate rooms throughout the nursery.

We explained that we have a number of doors featuring large glass panels to maximise visibility and light. The customer was concerned that they required fire doors and they feared that it was not possible to buy stylish fire doors featuring glass panels. In fact, we have a wide selection of doors that fit the bill and the customer was surprised at the amount of choice that they had. We were able to select a number of suitable styles featuring toughened safety glass to allow for the rough and tumble one might expect in a nursery.

After much deliberation, the customer opted for our Bastille glazed internal doors, which feature a large pane of glass which is clear Pyro glass to the fire rated version and an extra panel of wood at the base of the door. They also purchased a complementary solid panel style Bastille doors. These are both popular models that are available in a number of sizes, including the option of custom sizes.

We are always interested in a new or different application for our doors and it is great for us to spend time discussing requirements with customers to help them choose the most appropriate doors from our collection. In this case, we are looking forward to seeing the photos of the job once it is complete and we hope that the children and staff at the nursery like their new doors.

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How to choose the correct door frames for your timber doors

Adjustable internal frame kit cross section

Adjustable internal frame kit cross section

While reading a social media advice page I came across a question from someone who had bought hardwood doors for internal use from one supplier and hardwood frames from a large DIY store and were experiencing problems while fitting the doors to the frames. The frames had a rebated groove which was causing problems for the fitting of the hinges. It appears that the hardwood frames were probably designed as Fire Door frames and required an Intumescent strip fitting into the groove, or as they were hardwood were external door frames with a groove for a weather seal. This highlights the problems of purchasing doors and frames separately and from suppliers who do not give specific advice. In this instance it appears that the purchaser needed Internal Hardwood frames for standard doors, not FD30 doors.

It’s important to choose doors and frames from a specialist door supplier who will advise you on the correct frame kit for the doors you are purchasing, and the specific fire door regulations if you require this. Many people are very capable DIY enthusiasts and can fit door frames and doors, however, these days there are many options available and the large mega stores often provide a limited range of products. A reputable door supplier will have a variety of door frame kits.
Note: Timber door frames are usually not pre-jointed and consist of separate, individual length, components which can be cut and adjusted to suit your desired door size opening.

External timber door frame kits are usually in Red Hardwood or American White Oak timber which is pre-sanded ready to paint or stain. (it is important to use a finishing product recommended by the supplier). The rebates on the frame are suitable for a standard 44mm exterior door thickness. Look for suppliers who provide door frame package which includes the Jamb, Head, Weather Seal, Sill, Rain Deflector and Threshold to make sure you have the required components, this will state the cost of everything included.

Internal timber door frame kits are now available in a great range of types including standard Knotty Pine Softwood suitable for painting, or Oak veneer wrapped MDF frames which can be supplied as standard or suitable for Fire Door requirements. The MDF frames can be supplied ready to finish or pre-finished and ready to fit. Look for frame kits supplied with a loose door stop that can be glued and pinned in position as these can suit a door with a 35-44mm door thickness. The frame will need two upright legs ‘Jambs’ and one single shorter length ‘Head’ from the same section therefore five lengths will make 2 door openings.

We often take the humble door frame for granted but it is an important part of any door opening.

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Fire Door Safety Week is 15th – 21st September

Fire Door Safety WeekThe week commencing the 15th -21st of September is fire door safety week and so the the BWF Certifire (British Woodworking Federation) BWF-CERTIFIRE Fire Door & Doorset Scheme are hoping this will promote fire door safety. For more detailed information please click on the links below.


Over many years Kershaws Doors Ltd have supplied thousands of Certified Fire doors to both domestic and trade customers. These doors have been fitted into homes which have more than 2 floors, rental properties, between garages and adjoining living accommodation, hotels, restaurants and many other types of properties.
It is very important that Certified Fire doors, frames and hardware are bought from a supplier who can give the correct certification.
Customers often ask us why they have been asked to fit fire doors by their Building Regulation departments. The information below may help with why Fire doors are important and why their construction is so important.

Fire Doors are important because

  • they save lives
  • they are an important component to the fire protection in a building
  • they give protection staircases and corridors which are escape routes

What’s so important about Fire Doors?

  • they must be made correctly
  • they must be installed by a competent person and maintained correctly
  • they must be tested and certified to BS 476 Part 22 or BS EN 1634 Part 1
  • they must work correctly in order to save lives
  • they must not be compromised, altered or adapted from their original manufacture
  • they must be fitted to appropriate fire tested frames
  • they must have Fire suitable hardware fittings
  • they must have the correct glazing with fire standard seals fitted glazed
  • they must have the correct intumescent seals when fitted
  • they must not be propped open

Fire Door Safety Week

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Are there any Left Handed Door Handles?

Writing image © Vassilis https://www.flickr.com/photos/vassilisonline/ rel=

Writing image © Vassilis

There is a special day in the calendar to raise awareness about left handed people and the issues that they face from day to day. International Left Handers Day is celebrated on 13th August each year and it was first celebrated in 1976.

Studies suggest that around 10% of the population are left handed and there are certain traits and conditions more commonly associated with left handed people.

Home and work environments are often designed for right handed people and it can be difficult to imagine the issues that left handed people face when using common items such as scissors, tin openers and rulers. Various furniture items are typically designed for right handed people such as office desks. If you imagine where items are typically placed such as drawers and a telephone then you can see how this can make things a little awkward.
So, do we sell left handed door handles at Kershaws Doors? Well, this is a bit of a trick question and the answer is yes and no! You cannot buy door handles for left handed people. If you think about it, a door handle that is on the right on the outside will be on the left when you open it from the inside. Either way, the door handle will be on the right on one side and the left on the other. However we do talk about left and right handed fitting of doors which refers to which side the hinges are fixed, consequently the door will swing to the left if the hinges are on the left.

If you are purchasing door hardware and need to discuss the correct fitting of handles, locks or hinges then please give our sales office a call we will be very happy to answer your queries. You will find a good selection of accessories and hardware often relating to specific doors on our website.

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We love Doors – How did our story begin?

Colour LogoWe are often asked why the owner of Kershaws Doors (David Kershaw) went into the door selling business. As with many businesses the company was created out of a series of chance opportunities which were tried out and developed rather than an initial idea with strategic planning. Nevertheless, the company is now a well planned and efficient business yet it’s early beginnings do not resemble its current form.

David Kershaw had an interest in timber since his early school days where he excelled in woodwork classes. His other passion was always music which is still a major hobby and was a career consideration during the late 1960’s early 70’s. However, his other abilities in electrical engineering and later computer engineering became his vocation after leaving school. During the mid 1990’s he was made redundant due to a company takeover which gave him an opportunity to try other career paths. His entrepreneurial qualities came into play and he dabbled with many business ideas many of which involved the use of timber.

After 12 months of trying various ideas he hit on the idea of upcycling discarded timber products which generally found their way into landfill. The recycling revolution was a topical consideration at the time and and of great interest to him so he found a small warehouse with retail permission as a base to store and sell on these unwanted timber products. This idea proved to be popular as customers around the area began to realise that the odd scrap of timber, MDF or moulding could be found at Davids shop and became their first stop before looking elsewhere. He was often asked about timber doors and soon found a source of door seconds which the enterprising people of Bradford found very useful especially the landlords of rental properties.

As time went on David was asked for more and more doors in various sizes and differing styles and qualities, so- you guessed it- Kershaws Doors was born by popular demand. In 1999 Kershaws Doors became limited and also the first retail door supplier to have a website designed and built by the owner himself. The company is now a leading door retailer supplying thousands of doors to both domestic and trade customers.

As they say:- “Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow” this is really true for Kershaws Doors Ltd

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