Delivery to your Door – UK are biggest online shoppers

Kershaws Mobile WebsiteLike many other online retail businesses, Kershaws Doors is reliant on the services of a delivery company to bring online orders to your own door. Interestingly people in the UK are the biggest users of online shopping, even greater than the US. According to the Centre for Retail Research the share of online shopping is estimated at 13.5% for 2014 and all sources suggest that this figure is most likely to grow further. The IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) reported online sales of £91 billion in 2013 and they predict growth to take sales over £100 billion in 2014.

The growth in online retailing is significantly greater than traditional bricks and mortar retail stores, however at Kershaws Doors we like to cater to all customers and we offer both online ordering as well as a showroom where customers can come and see us and our range of doors in person, it is also possible, if you prefer, to order and then arrange to pick the doors up from the showroom when they arrive in stock. If there is a particular door you would like to see then we suggest you give us a call to check whether we have it available in the showroom prior to your visit.

As Christmas approaches, we are increasingly dependent on online sellers to buy presents, decorations and food as well as our regular groceries and home interior products. Mobile shopping is also on the increase and around a quarter of Internet usage is being done on mobile devices. If you are using one to view this website, you will know that we have our own mobile version of the Kershaws Doors website.

If you are interested in buying doors online, when refurbishing your property, then please take a look at our wide range of internal and external doors online. You can simply buy direct on our website or give us a call to place your order and get your doors delivered to your own front door.

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A Winter Wonderland looks lovely, but can be disruptive, be prepared!

Winter Wonderland

With threats of cold winter weather on the way, I am wondering whether we will get to see a white Christmas this year. People seem to love it or hate it, but few people can deny that a snow covered landscape is a pretty sight. Personally I would love to see a snowy white Christmas this year, although I would prefer to wait until I have completed all my Christmas shopping before the snow starts falling. Once I can close the door to the world to sit back and relax then I will be ready for a deep white covering of snow.

If we see anything like the cold spell that some American people have recently experienced then we will need to get ourselves prepared. Some areas had over 30 inches of snow, causing major disruption and even deaths in Buffalo.

So, what should we do to prepare for a seriously cold snowstorm in the coming weeks?

For starters, we should ensure our home is sufficiently insulated and this begins with our front door. An old draughty door will have a serious impact on the temperature in your home and you may end up paying over the odds in heating costs. If you are due a new door, you should take a look at the Kershaws Doors website where you will find a fantastic selection of timber doors for your home. Including some doors that have a Part L thermal insulation rating.

If there is a chance you may be stuck at home, then it makes sense to stock up on some food and drink with a long shelf life. You should also consider the risk of being stranded in your car. Getting a bag together for your boot with some spare warm clothes, as well as snacks and water and a shovel could provide some much needed comfort or even save your life.

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Northern Christmas Markets – opening the door for the festive season

German Christmas Market in Leeds

German Christmas Market in Leeds – Image © Mtaylor848 and shared under CC license

Christmas markets originated in Germany, but over the past few years we have seen a revival throughout the UK so we no longer have to travel abroad to browse these traditional stalls. Lincoln was the first UK city to re-establish a Christmas market 30 years ago and many other towns and cities have followed their lead with traders and products coming from overseas to sell their wares.

Kershaws Doors is based in West Yorkshire and we are lucky to be located between Leeds and Manchester. Both of these cities have large Christmas markets, which appear to be growing every year and Manchester has over 300 stalls spread throughout the city centre, while Leeds has over 40 chalet style stalls located in Millennium Square. We are also lucky to have a few specialist Christmas markets close to our door showroom in Bradford, including Saltaire, Shipley, Brighouse and Haworth where there are weekend events.

In the Kershaws Doors office, we are split when choosing our favourite Christmas markets. For anyone that likes shopping, the large markets in Leeds and Manchester offer a wide range of products. Both have stalls selling all sorts of items from Christmas decoration and gift wrapping to clothing, gifts and food and drinks. In Manchester there are areas for representatives from different nationalities including German, French, Dutch and Hungarian traders. The atmosphere at these markets is really special and they are great for getting you in the Christmas spirit. I have been to the Manchester Christmas market as well as the Leeds one and I was really impressed with the number and variety of stalls. There are lots of unique things that you will not find in the high street stores. For the non-shoppers in the Kershaws Doors office, they have agreed they may be tempted to try out the mulled wine and German beers as well as authentic German food.

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The Oak Mega is Probably one of our most popular Contemporary Doors

Close up of the Mega Oak Door showing the grain of the timber

Close up of the Mega oak internal door showing the grain of the timber and deep grooved face

Why do we think this about the Mega timber Door? well, because its a unique design which is not supplied by all door retailers. Sometimes it’s good to be different.

Our customers generally love the great selection of timber doors which are available these days and often compare our service and prices with other companies. However, we also find that some of our customers are looking for something special which is not such a familiar design.

The sophisticated Mega Oak internal and pre-finished door design is from one of our specialist suppliers who produce particularly high quality timber doors with superb design detailing. A recent website review written by a customer of Kershaws Doors, commented that they chose the Mega design because it was different from many they had seen and upon receiving the doors were particularly impressed with this superior product.

We are pleased with the Mega range for many reasons, this pre-finished internal Oak door is a high quality door offering many options including a solid door in standard and FD30 fire rated and a glazed version also available in 305 mm width which doubles as a side panel. By combining these options it is possible to create stunning Interior French door and room divider sets. In addition, it is possible to choose the sets with the correct oak frames. The Mega internal design has been so popular that a Mega External Oak door is now available, this differs slightly as it has side rails to maintain the high quality construction required for an external door. The Mega external Oak is also available as solid or two glazed versions both with 457mm narrow options suitable as side panels, our customers can now create their own Grand Entrance Design door opening.

Life is full of options and decision making, its great to find a product which makes the choosing easier especially when the finished product is so great.

I don’t apologise for blowing our own trumpet, when a product fills you with confidence then playing the tune is the best option.

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Choosing the Right Paint for Doors

Painting iconWhilst decorating at home, I was tempted to use the same paint that I have used in the living room for the walls in the bathroom. A quick check online revealed to me that it is important to use the right type of paint for different areas. Bathroom paint includes additives that inhibit mildew, which is important for wet areas where walls are frequently affected by water or condensation. Similarly, specialist paint for kitchens offers a tougher finish allowing you to wipe it clean if you spill something on the wall.

Some people may be tempted to use standard white gloss for their doors and this could also be a mistake. Doors are subject to high usage, typically opened and closed each day, involving direct contact in a way that other surfaces do not. This means they require a strong durable finish for protection. External doors are particularly vulnerable to damage through exposure to the elements outside. See our special section about finishing timber doors on our website, it’s well worth a read.



WoodstainBefore painting or varnishing a door, we recommend that you deal with any cracks or nail holes using an appropriate filler product. Using sand paper to sand the timber will help to ensure a good smooth finish prior to painting your door. It will also help the finish to be fully absorbed. After sanding, you should brush away any dust or debris so you have a clean surface to work on, Tack cloths are very useful for this. At Kershaws Doors we recommend Sikkens finishing products for varnishing your internal and external doors. Sikkens products are specially designed for timber surfaces and offer the appropriate level of protection for your doors. You can buy these products from our showroom.

Our website features full instructions for finishing your doors so please refer to our Door Finishing section for complete details. If you have any queries about painting or finishing your doors, then please call our customer support team on 01274 604488 or 0845 4671910

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Information on Cleaning Glass Panelled Timber Doors

Glass CleaningIf you have a glazed door or you are thinking about buying one then you may be concerned about cleaning the glass panels. I have a glazed door in the living room and I find that after cleaning the glass panels, they seem clean and then I look at the panels from a different angle and see little marks and streaks. So I thought I would take a look for some tips on cleaning glass panels so maybe I can learn a thing or two and share them here on the Kershaws Doors blog with you.

The experts suggest that you should start cleaning from top to bottom. This is to avoid drips on the areas you have already cleaned. Also you should avoid spraying too much cleaning product onto the glass as this will make the task of cleaning it more difficult. Using small quantities in small sections is generally the best way to go.

If you have an issue with residue build up in the corners of the glass panels then cotton buds are perfect for cleaning these hard to get to areas.



To avoid lint residue, you will need to steer clear of cloths like kitchen roll or tissues. An old t-shirt is a useful tool for cleaning your glass and this should help you get a clear and clean finish.

Some of the cleaning products that we typically use for cleaning glass can be damaging to framed wood areas. Always check the product you are using to avoid damaging the woodwork.

Some people recommend using newspaper to polish glass surfaces. This can work well however you are likely to end up with black newsprint on your hands and I would worry about the newsprint leaking out onto the white or wooden frame, which will then require further cleaning.

At Kershaws Doors we sell a wide range of glazed doors and we hope that you can keep them looking fresh and new with these tips on cleaning glass.

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Doors Designs usually have a place name!


External Kensington decorative glazed door

At Kershaws Doors Ltd we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest design trends while still maintaining a clear focus on the popular and traditional door designs. We realise that taste is a very personal thing and that property styles vary considerably.

We often have the opportunity to have some input regarding the design and naming of the door styles we choose, particularly our custom door suppliers. In the main we tend to retain the names already chosen by our suppliers unless we have a duplicate name for another product. We are constantly refreshing and adding to our extensive website with the latest additions presented to us by our main suppliers.

Recently, we have added a large selection of new timber door designs in both our internal and external door ranges. While looking at these new door styles I was, as usual, intrigued by the choice of names our suppliers select for their doors.
In the main, and customarily, timber doors are given place names from both the UK and around the world. I suppose this is because there are a wealth of available names and often a place name conjures up an image of design style. For instance the more traditional external doors often have UK place name to evoke an image of tradition and taste such as our new Kensington Hardwood door which is suitable to have either a stunning paint finish or a timber stain and will suit many traditional terraced properties. Alternatively, the new Goodwood Oak external door uses Oak with a modern, asymmetric glazed style which is grooved to create an eight panel design.

Some of the new Internal doors are given names which conjure up thoughts of far away places such as the Pre-finished Vancouver solid or glazed door which is an existing style of ours and now available in other options such as Walnut, Oak and White. Quote from Wikipedia “Vancouver is consistently named as one of the top five worldwide cities for livability and quality of life”. Consequently a good name to choose to accentuate a quality lifestyle choice.

Whether you are influenced by the names or titles chosen for the product you are purchasing, or not, a name is generally better than a number and so much easier to remember. At Kershaws Doors Ltd we certainly find that customers find the names of our doors both interesting and helpful.

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Famous Door Number A113


One of many references to CalArts classroom A113

There is a secret code that is shared amongst many of the professionals involved in animated films. All of these people studied at the same university – the California Institute of the Arts and they all spent time in the same classroom.

The famous code is A113 and this is the number that was on the classroom door for students studying graphic design and character animation. There are a number of now famous former students who are using this code in their animations. It is amazing to think that the number on a door means so much to so many people and they all share this awareness by placing the references within their films.

There are various examples, such as the Toy Story films where Andy’s mum’s car registration plate is A113. There have been a number of references to A113 in episodes of The Simpsons over the years. Finding Nemo is another animated film that features this famous number. In this case it appears on the camera used by the scuba diver. Monsters University is a recently released film that features the famous code and it is one that I have seen a lot as it is one of my three year old daughter’s favourites. The classroom number appears on the door for the scare students. Apparently there is a reference to A113 in every Pixar film and there are many people that look out for the references in Disney and Pixar films.

The door number A113 is still in use at the California Institute of the Arts and it is currently home to the graphic design studio so presumably we will continue to see references to this famous door for many years to come. At Kershaws Doors we are interested in all kinds of doors, but we focus mainly on selling internal and external doors.

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“Poor Doors” in London, is this a social division?

Crossways Estate in London, image © Suttonpubcrawl and used under CC license

Crossways Estate in London, image © Suttonpubcrawl and used under CC license

There was an interesting debate reported recently in the papers regarding the use of “poor doors” in housing development plans in London. Whenever a building company begin work on a new housing project, they have to include a proportion of affordable housing within the scheme. Some developers in London have included separate doors to segregate residents of affordable housing from those who have paid higher market prices for their properties. These affordable entrances have been referred to as “poor doors”. While this sounds like a social division, the developers argue that full paying tenants like services such as a concierge and a luxury entrance, however such facilities would incur a high service charge, which would be unaffordable for other tenants.

The mayor of London has to review and approve planning for developments with 150 or more homes in the city and Boris Johnson has said that he does not like the practice of creating separate doors, however he has not banned the use of them in apartment blocks.

A number of similar debates have taken place in New York where developments feature a similar system with a luxury entrance at one side and of the development and a “poor door” entrance for affordable housing tenants. Following claims of discrimination and exclusivity, a recent plan has been redesigned to eliminate the separate door and separate amenities that were included in the original project.

At Kershaws Doors we do not discriminate and we cater for all budgets. Whether you are looking for a luxury door for your home or a more affordable budget design, we have a wide selection covering a range of prices. On our website we have a collection of clearance rack doors if you want to grab a bargain, but you’ll need to order these quickly as they may be end of lines or limited availability.

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Old Doors used for Frog In The Bog

Frog In The Bog

Frog In The Bog Door

One of the joys of having a three year old daughter is that we can go to summer Fayre’s and Galas. If you don’t have a child in tow, you can feel a bit of a fraud. I am genuinely a big fan of these very English events and I love the traditional games such as Hook-a-Duck and Splat the Rat. During the summer holidays we went to a few of these community events. So, where is the connection to doors you may be wondering? A few weeks ago we went to a charity gala and there was an interesting use of an old door. Somebody had decided to cut a large hole out of the centre of the door and place a toilet seat over the hole. This was an interesting version of Frog in the Bog. The challenge was to throw a frog through the centre of the toilet seat. This proved a popular game for my daughter and nephew as well as many other children that were there. Whilst attempting to take a discreet photo of the door I was forced to explain that I wanted to share this unusual use of a door on our blog. The stallholder was a little bemused, but happy to share his unusual construction.

I am always interested in finding out new uses for doors and I would much rather see an old door being re-used for a new purpose than being thrown away or burnt on a fire.

At Kershaws Doors we sell a wide range of modern and traditional style doors. Maybe we should consider compiling a list of possible uses for old doors for customers who are replacing their old doors. I am sure there are some great practical and humorous uses for doors that have reached the end of their life.

Kershaw’s Doors often have slight seconds doors or ex-display doors so if you need a low cost door for any reason please give us a call.

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Christmas is Coming – Order new doors in plenty of time!

I know many people are in denial about this, but there is no point ignoring the fact that Christmas is just a few weeks away. Theres even a website provides a countdown clock

keep-calmWith this in mind, I have begun some much overdue decorating at home as I want to make sure I have spare rooms fit for guests as well as some updates and a general tidy up around the house.

As part of a decorating plan many people will require new doors and at Kershaws Doors we have a vast selection of internal and external doors. If your doors are looking a bit past their best then they can really drag down the overall look of your home.

Many of our doors are available within seven days, but some have a longer lead time depending on availability from the supplier so if you have a date in mind, like a Pre-Christmas deadline, it is worth thinking about your new doors now. So do give us a ring so we can do a stock check your chosen style or offer you alternatives. You may also need to arrange for a joiner to fit your door so you should also consider the time required for preparation and fitting.

We can offer express delivery on certain items if you are in a rush to receive your doors, but there is an extra charge for this service so it is always best to be organised in advance. We tend to find that people have a good look around our website for a couple of weeks before deciding on their favourite style so I’d recommend you get looking earlier rather than later.

Once you have found a door design that you like, you may wish to call our helpful customer services team to check on the availability of the door. This will help to ensure you will receive it in the time required. Happy hunting and don’t delay!

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Love is an Open Door!

At Kershaws Doors we have an interest in anything related to doors. My latest find is in the hugely popular Disney film called Frozen.

There is a song fairly early on in the film called Love is an Open Door, which is a duet between two characters called Anna and Hans. I have had to watch this film a number of times as it seems to be a firm favourite amongst young girls, including my three year old daughter and all of her friends. We have been to a couple of Frozen themed Birthday parties and the children all sing along and dance to the songs from the film so it is certainly popular.

Whilst the target audience for this film is probably quite young, the underlying message of this song is quite complex. The character called Anna has led a lonely life being shut away from her older sister from a young age. Hans appears to be her knight in shining armour, but various lyrics in the song indicate that he has motives beyond simply being attracted to Anna. It is suggested that the reference to an open door is that Anna is a door into the Royal Family and a position of power for Hans. I must admit, I hadn’t realised the significance of these words when hearing the lyrics. I just assumed that love is an open door related to opening up to a new life with someone else.

It seems that there are a lot of references to doors throughout the film, including the fact the Elsa, the older sister shut herself inside her bedroom door in an attempt to protect Anna and herself. Later in the film, Anna pleads with her sister not to slam the door on her. Once you work with doors, you start to see and hear references to doors in all sorts of places.

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Repair or Replace Timber Doors?

fixAre you the kind of person that repairs an item or would you rather go out and buy a new one? There are lots of websites, such as with free tips on how to repair items.

I recently repaired a pair of trousers because the hem had gone and I did a quick sewing job to fix them. As I was doing this, I wondered how many people would actually repair their trousers in this day and age. For me, I find it difficult to find trousers that fit well so once I do, I like to keep hold of them and if it’s a quick fix then it will be worth it for me.

When it comes to other items, I am less inclined to repair them. With many electrical items such as White Goods I assume it is cheaper to replace them than call out someone to repair them. For example, we had a problem with a tumble dryer recently and I decided that after four years, we had probably got our money’s worth out of it and I imagine the call out fee alone for a tumble dryer would be fairly pricey. Often I suppose it depends on the price of a new item against the cost of repair, or sometimes it is a time issue and whether you have the skills or the time to fix something.

So, how about doors? Do people want to repair their doors or replace them? At Kershaws Doors we find a bit of a mixture amongst our customers. We find that some people contact us about how to maintain and repair their doors, though after discussion, often realise that starting afresh and then maintaining them with our recommend timber finishing products is often the way forward. There are an increasing number of people who do not have the time or inclination to fix household items and they simply want a new model. We will happily advise customers on how to maintain and repair their door or if you are looking for new doors we have a wide range to browse on our website.

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What are the Origins of Bonfire Night? Saving King James I

Bonfire Night image © Lewis Clarke and licensed for reuse under this CC Licence

Bonfire Night image © Lewis Clarke and licensed for reuse under this CC Licence

Bonfire Night is just around the corner and I thought it would be interesting to remind myself about the origins of this event.

Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is an annual reminder of events that took place on 5th November 1605. Guy Fawkes was a member of the Gunpowder Plot, which was intended to blow up the House of Lords and assassinate the Protestant king to replace him with a Catholic one. Fawkes was arrested while guarding explosives. The plot was averted and King James I survived the attempt to kill him. Following these events, the day was marked as a day of thanksgiving and people continued to light bonfires to celebrate the fact that the king had survived.

Every year people continued to light fires to celebrate the prevention of the assassination. As time has gone on, people are less aware of the origins and just enjoy the celebration. The addition of fireworks is a more recent extension to the celebration replicating the explosions that never did occur that evening. Fireworks manufacturers changed the name of the event to Fireworks Night during the 20th century. In recent years there has been a reduction in the number of organised bonfires and fireworks displays, partly due to increased health and safety requirements.

At Kershaws Doors we are aware that some of our customers who are in the process of buying new doors for their homes will be saving their old damaged doors to burn on a bonfire. We understand that people are looking for combustible materials, but we are always a little bit sad to see an old door being disposed of in this way. If you are celebrating Bonfire Night this year then we hope you enjoy the event and make sure you stay safe.

Please note: if you are burning old doors then consider that the old paint or varnish used on them will probably be of a type which will give off toxic fumes, any painted items can also flare easily. Always stand well away from the fire any way but particularly with items that can be toxic and flare when they are burning, and remember, animals and children should be well away from Bonfires and Fireworks at all times.

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Door to Door at Happy Halloween is an Old Custom

Halloween Sidelight Signs

Halloween Sidelight Signs © Bless’er House

The final day in October is that night of the year when children throughout the world go from door to door asking three words to the homeowner who answers the door – “Trick or Treat?”. So where does this tradition originate? I assumed it was a fairly recent tradition founded in the United States, however it seems that the practice of going door to door in search of treats or food goes back to the Middle Ages. There is a similar old custom called “Souling” which involved poor people offering prayers for the dead in exchange for food. This took place on All Souls Day, which is 2nd November.

Dressing up in disguise has been practised in Scotland for some time and there is a record of people going from door to door dressed up and carrying lanterns back in the 19th century.

The term “Trick or Treat” appears to be an American invention and it was not commonly used elsewhere until fairly recently after it was picked up from films and cartoons. Personally I have noticed in the last couple of years that children are increasingly saying “Happy Halloween” when I answer the door, which I guess is a more positive phrase and it removes the threat of devious behaviour and damage.

Are you looking forward to the knock at the door from dressed up children or do you dread this time of year? I don’t mind the tradition and will stock up on sweets and treats ready for the event.

With all these new guests calling at your door, it may remind you that you are due a new one. If your Front Door is the scariest looking thing on Halloween night then check out the vast collection of wooden doors at Kershaws Doors where you are sure to find a style to suit your home.

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