Choosing Internal Bi-fold doors to Match other Doors in your Property.

In this Blog I am focussing on internal Bi-folding doors which is a product our company has supplied in the 100’s from our inception in 1999.  Bi-Folding doors provide an intelligent door opening solution when internal space is at a premium as they fold neatly in half, to one side, therefore using less space than a regular standard sized door.

Bi-fold track system

Bi-fold track system

Customers purchasing Bi-Folds often have a few technical questions about these easy to install doors, so here is some clarification. The Bi-Fold doors designed to fit a standard door width opening uses a track system, supplied with the door, that is to fit to the underside of the existing (or newly fitted) doorframe.  The Bi-Fold door has two panels, which are hinged together in the centre of the door. A hinge system is not used to open the door within the opening this is done by a pivot fixed to the top of the opening side of the door, which runs along the top track, A floor track is not required with the single standard Bi-Fold doors.  Please note: these doors are usually slightly smaller in width than a standard door due to the method of folding, as it is necessary to have a small gap around the door.

Shaker Pattern 10 Bi-Fold

Shaker Pattern 10 Bi-Fold

We have recently increased the design range of internal Bi-Fold doors to co-ordinate with many of our regular internal door designs. A good example is the Oak veneered Pattern 10 Bi-Fold now available as a solid panel or alternatively glazed with clear glass, which co-ordinates with the very popular standard Pattern 10 door Range. Other timber choices of Bi-Folds include Pine, and White Moulded.

For larger openings, between rooms, then the Westbury Range, in ready to finish Oak, are a perfect option as they offer maximum light with their clear glass panels. As these doors are larger and heavier than the standard door size explained above they do require a floor track system. These doors are manufactured for stability with an engineered core, Oak veneered and glazed with toughened glass.

As an alternative option, which some of our customers have used, is to purchase multiple, standard doors, as used elsewhere in their property, to construct their own, custom Bi-Folding door system. This requires a skilled fitter, joiner or builder to install and calls for suitably purchased tracks for this purpose (please call our sales team for advice on tracks to use if you are considering a similar project)

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