Interior Design Choices

The term Interior Design is well recognise these days. I suppose in a basic form it may describe a collection of assorted products and ideas that are interconnected to create a functional interior space, advantageous for humans to enjoy living and working in.

St Louis Glazed

St Louis Glazed

In the recent past, the profession of an interior designer would not necessarily be recognised as a separate vocation. Interior decoration would often be decided upon by the architect of a new building who would then employ artisans or trades people to create the interior elements required for their property designs, under their instruction.

The proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention” seems to fit well with the origins of Interior design. Through history, practical necessity or the displaying of status has usually been the focus for interior design decisions made by humans.  For example, timber panelling created for properties in the Middle Ages would be constructed to cover up inferior wall construction and to keep the occupants warm. However, they were often carved, embellished with decorative beading to display wealth and also the creative acumen of the carpenter. After the 18th century Interior design became a profession for the well to do who needed assistance with their furniture choices, colour consultancy and decisions on home furnishings.

The various, individual trades of the past have now developed into massive industries representing the industrial development of society which has brought a fantastic choice of products to the masses. Nowadays, everyone dabbles with interior design for their homes, but does this make choosing products easy, probably not? If anything we are spoilt for choice, but would we have it any other way.

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